Toshiba DynaEdge Smart Glasses Fit a Monitor in a Monocle

first_img Amazon’s New Facial Recognition Smells Your FearSnapchat’s New Snap Spectacles Will Have Two Cameras, Cost $350 Stay on target As far as future fashion goes, glasses that double as computers always seemed like a no-brainer. They are as inevitable as flying cars and total rule by corporations. And yet even as wearable technology becomes more of a thing, folks just don’t see that interested in strapping computers to their face. Google Glass, Snapchat Specs, and HoloLens are all non-starters. VR surrendered to fascists. Augmented reality has promise but we’re still waiting on ambitious start-ups like Magic Leap to pull through.If you’re looking forward to some hot eye tech to be stoked about though, consider checking out the Toshiba DynaEdge. It’s basically a Windows 10-powered monitor condensed into a monocle.The Toshiba DynaEdge consists of two parts. The eyepiece is a 640 x 360 display that rests over a single eye, providing AR functionality as well as the ability to still see the real world. It’s connected to a second piece, a computer the size of a smartphone but that packs laptop-class power. Together, you can use DynaEdge to access the full Windows 10 operating system with your eyes.The specs are impressive for such a small, unusual device. DynaEdge has an Intel 6th Generation m Processor, Intel HD Graphics, up to 16GB of RAM, 802.11ac and LTE wireless, USB ports and MicroSD slots, a headphone jack, and a fingerprint scanner. It’s a real computer, albeit one that fits into a belt case and hooks up to your eyeball. Toshiba even claims four hours of battery life.Being able to run Windows 10 gives DynaEdge familiarity with millions of users and software makers who already use Microsoft’s OS all the time. But obviously being smart glasses changes up how users interact with the device. Inputs include a touchpad on the side of the eyepiece and buttons on the computer itself. Toshiba is developing custom software and in the future it wants others to do the same. One idea involved connecting DynaEdge to safety goggles and providing constructor workers with up-to-date data about a current project.Like pretty much all of these kinds of products, DynaEdge isn’t ready for consumers yet. We don’t know what it costs. Even after two years of research, Toshiba is still testing it internally and with employees at other close companies. But if Toshiba has its way, and consumers respond, smart glasses like DynaEdge may finally be the future of laptop computing.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Nevis West Indies – Reported by Elite Traveler t

first_imgNevis, West Indies – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazinePeter Burwash International (PBI), the world’s leading tennis management company, recently announced the appointment of Chris Myrold as Tennis Director for the Four Seasons Resort Nevis. After a two-year closure due to hurricane damage, the award-winning Caribbean resort will re-open on December 15, in time for the holiday season and its 20th anniversary this February.Originally from Minnesota, Myrold’s assignments in PBI include La Ventanas al Paraiso, the acclaimed luxury resort in Mexico and most recently the Four Seasons Resort Lanai’i at Manele Bay.“Chris’s experience and success achieved at the Four Seasons in Lanai’i have prepared him well to take over the program in Nevis and made him an obvious choice,” said PBI President Peter Burwash. “After two years away, we are excited to return to the Four Seasons Nevis and re-establish its reputation as one of world’s finest tennis resorts.”Also commenting on the appointment, Four Seasons Resort Nevis General Manager Andrew Humphries added, “We are delighted to have Chris lead our tennis operation to build on our legacy of great tennis. For almost two decades, PBI has provided our guests with continuity, outstanding tennis coaching, professionalism and personal service. We look forward to Chris’s leadership to provide our guests with one of the finest tennis programs anywhere.”Myrold will coordinate a medley of instructional programs and energizing tennis activities on the resort’s four red-clay and six hard courts. With lighted two courts for evening play, a full-service pro shop and guaranteed player-matching, it’s tennis heaven in the read more