Art Director Adam Rowe on Creating the Production Designer’s Vision

first_imgWe sat down with art director Adam Rowe to discuss his vision of success in the industry — inspiration, process, and hard work.Art Director Adam Rowe‘s résumé should include narration by Casey Kasem, as it could be a Top 40 countdown of some of the most beloved fan favorite hits on TV. From the acerbic wit of The Good Place and Parks and Recreation to the macabre of Dexter and American Crime Story, the tone of the series translates into a distinct look and feel by Rowe and his team.The unique visual identity of The Good Place. (Image via NBC.)PremiumBeat: On any given project, you’re tasked with facilitating the production designer’s intent, giving the film or television show its unique visual identity. Do you have a standard way of achieving that, or does it depend more on the way each production designer works?Adam Rowe: There are a lot of variables. The first being how prepared is the production: Is this just a concept? Is this really happening? Do they have scripts, set outlines, verbal descriptions, secret emails, or just holy crap make-it-now! I have worked on a range of projects that fit into all of those situations. That usually dictates the interactions.Regardless how the production designer develops their vision and wants to run their department, an art director interprets and makes. Collaborating with many other voices (directors, show runners, producers, craftspeople), I create whatever the project needs by navigating time, money, and space. I am always delivering something unique to the story we are telling and engaging with an audience.I’ll use this analogy. Who doesn’t love origami? If you were tasked with making an origami swan — something I think most people have done — Designer A says, “It’s a golden swan with a very long neck.” And Designer B says, “I think it should be inspiring and should fly.”You have to react differently to those objectives. For Designer A, you get various gold papers, phone an origami friend, watch YouTube, avoid paper cuts, and make a bunch of long-necked options.For Designer B, you interpret and inform. The bridges between words, visuals, and realizations can be different per job, but I utilize the same tools. Thankfully, the image banks on the internet have helped greatly. And we must not forget the value of a quick hand drawing or an improvised mock-up.For that flying swan, you’d conceptualize, develop, and formalize through the help of imagery and dialogue, then realize. Probably soliciting the help of (most likely) someone into paper airplanes. For these two designers, you produce two very different swans. But both unique, beautiful, and ready for their close-up.The gritty, complicated world of Mad Men. Image via Lionsgate Television.PB: How much does technology inform your work? Any software products that make your life easier or are indispensable to your flow?AR: Tech is almost immeasurable in the Art Department. For starters, it has influenced rendering styles. Through digital model making, or 3D printing and innovative sketching, producers and directors can more accurately see the world we are making.There is more fluid development for concepts. Group chats, virtual conferences, FaceTime, and amateur news reporting can bring critical voices closer to the development process. I say amateur because I have been known to make “Adam Rowe, reporting live!” videos to update and inform any number of collaborators. Things are easier to research and share.I remember on Mad Men having a connection to a local library staff member in the city that was where the fictitious Draper family lived. Even though I loved a weekly chat to learn about the local train station in 1953, I can now access the information online and have an endless world of historic tidbits, thanks to people who enthusiastically post information.Tech has completely changed and influenced how I work — efficiency, mobility, communication, development — like I said, it’s immeasurable. There is almost no part of the process that hasn’t been influenced by tech. Except for maybe human connection? The process of making something together is still tech free and daily inspiring. Equally important is that connection I can have with an audience when they laugh at a site gag on The Good Place or feel the exuberance in the Life Cafe in Rent.My favorite tools are my MacBook Pro and the Internet. I also frequently use Creative Cloud, SketchUp, iTunes, image banks. But, most importantly, I still use a good old-fashioned pen and notebook and my silver Toyota truck.The intricate task of choreographing and filming a live play. (Rent: Live via 20th Century Fox Television.)PB: Rent: Live had to be a challenging assignment. What were the preparations like, including the less glamorous aspects of budgeting, people management, and administrative duties? What was the biggest reward from putting that all together?AR: RENT was one of the most exciting projects I’ve been on for a myriad of reasons. It was inspiring to me as a young lover of theater and music. That appreciation and love helped lift up any heavy hauling that took place in making that project. The preparations were extensive, and I could write a long essay about it. But, in brief, we made that space from the ground up. Audience considerations, rehearsal spaces, camera, scheduling, staffing, music, backstage access, budgeting, budget changes, information tracking, distributing, fire effects, security, electrical, structural, rigging, tech support, storage, dressing rooms, don’t forget ramps, railings, and safety. And oh, the musical itself.Onto the less glamorous aspects … I don’t know how glamorous any of the above sounds, or how glamorous sitting in the construction site sound stage is after being wet from working in the rain. Trying to track down what mattress size was being used for the musical number “Contact” so we could turn a hospital bed into a light box that needed to be ready for rehearsals in ten minutes. The glamour is apparent when you see that uplit bed on camera with the dancers executing kick ass choreography, or when the joined two casts come on stage for the last act of the show and you’re sitting next to the stage manager singing your brains out along with them. That’s glamorous to me.I can’t say there’s a bigger reward than earning an Emmy for working on something you loved and dreamed of doing? I think it’s also knowing we inspired a new wave of audience members to love that musical.The earthy, yet ethereal feel of Forever. Image via Amazon Studios.PB: Forever had a very distinct aesthetic. You were going for the mundane, yet otherworldly. What were the considerations around creating that sterile world?AR: Mundane is a good word. Throughout the process in the art department, including set decoration and props, there were options that ranged from mundane to exciting, and often the mundane or “boring” decision was selected.Amy Williams had an affinity for mid-century modern. That comes with the line quality of tight, real, and clean. It rippled into a lot of decision-making. So, when making decisions on site, it wasn’t always the first instinct. You’d have to remember to breathe and think critically to try and make a look authentic to this vibe.We made tighter, smaller bricks in the house when developing its design. Grout was straight and narrower than what is common. The world was a quasi-purgatory. So, we had to restrain and think about what would be there.Regarding lamp selection, Amy and Melisa Jusufi curated a museum of fantastic lamps. Take a look at that set and tell me you don’t want every damn lamp in that house. It was careful, unique, and deliberate.One of my favorite things about working with that aesthetic was collaborating with our Greens Department on all the plants. Our Greensmen clipped and clipped and clipped to make sure those topiaries were tight, clean, not too dynamic, and weren’t going to upstage the others, and together on that street they looked otherworldly.The criminal terrain of American Crime Story. Image via FX Networks.PB: You’ve worked on many well-respected, prominent, and divergent projects such as The Good Place, American Crime Story, and Parks and Recreation. Any difference for you when you’re working on a show that’s in the middle of a successful run?AR: Thank you for saying that. I try very hard to find projects that I sense are special, interesting, and will resonate. I come to each project with the same mindset, and that usually carries through the whole creation. You don’t often know how successful a project is going to be when making it. Parks and Rec was rumored to be canceled and then renewed on airplane rides to and from NYC, several seasons in a row.I worked on The Hypnotist’s Love Story with the creator Katie Wech for ABC. Sadly, it was a pilot that was not picked up. However, I went into that show and maintained the same respect and enthusiasm as when making American Crime Story.The difference comes from how people react to me working on it. When working on Rizzoli and Isles, if people knew the show, they really knew the show and were very excited to talk about it. If they didn’t know the show, they’d say, “What’s Brazilian Isles?”Despite rumors of an early cancellation, Parks and Recreation lasted seven seasons. (Photo via NBC.)PB: Clearly, you need to have an intimate working relationship with the production designer, but what other stakeholders are key to executing your vision? How involved are producers and directors typically in your day-to-day work?AR: In no particular order, the construction coordinator, set decorator, and painter in charge on any project are key players. Collectively, they can expand or limit what a project is capable of. I have been very lucky to work with very skilled, well-resourced, and fun collaborators. It’s hard to take any one of those elements out of the equation and still produce a wonderful world.Producers and directors might not see me every day. Some might not even know what I do exactly. But, I have them in my head with each idea or decision. I’m not making a project in a vacuum. I’m doing it with them and for them, so I keep their notes and guidance in my mind.The dynamic, engaging energy of Rent: Live. Image via 20th Century Fox.PB: When you see something and are critical of the art direction, can you usually identify what is off or went wrong? And, if a project that you didn’t design impressed you, what about it worked so well?AR: It can be hard not to be critical. Even in my own work, I can watch something and say, “Why did we make that decision?” We are in a culture that loves opinions and probably prefers the bad ones. How often do you find yourself looking at the negative reviews on Yelp or Amazon?I try hard when I watch something to plug into the wonder and enthusiasm. Especially on shows like The Dark Crystal, Stranger Things, or even homemade YouTube videos. But I can admit it’s sometimes fun to watch a disaster.It’s healthy to be a spectator, to be engaged and just watch. I recently saw Le Reve in Las Vegas and it’s been two weeks and I’m still filled with “How’d they do that!” wonder. It worked well because it was filled with spectacle, surprise, and was like an amazing dessert. You can’t explain why it was so fun to enjoy, you can just experience it.Cover Image via FX Networks.Looking for more industry interviews? Check these out.The Ad Astra Editing Team On Creating “Quiet Intensity” in The EditInterview: Learan Kahanov, DP of “Madam Secretary”The Landscape of Sound: An Interview with Sound Designer Mandell WinterEditor Tom Jarvis on Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartneyIndustry Interview: Emmy-Nominated Editor Vera Drewlast_img read more

13 Questions To Review Your Progress This Week

first_imgThis post was written as part of the IBM for Midsize Business program, which provides midsize businesses with the tools, expertise and solutions they need to become engines of a smarter planet. Did you make progress on your two or three most important outcomes or goals? Did you move things forward?Did you make deposits in your relationships with your dream clients, those prospective clients you are going to relentlessly pursue because you can create so much value for them?Did you spend enough time prospecting to create the opportunities that you need to succeed? Did you plant the seeds that needed planting in order for you to have something to harvest when the time comes?Did you help your clients produce the better outcomes they need? Did you keep your commitment to being Level 4 and their trusted advisor?Did you help your team members deal with the challenges and obstacles that are preventing them from producing the outcomes you sold? Did you lead your team?Did you really listen? Did you really pay attention to the person who needed you to hear them? Could they feel that you cared?Did you learn something new this week? Did you learn something about yourself? Did you learn something that will improve your future performance?Did you bravely engage with your client in the difficult conversation you need to have about what’s really preventing them from achieving the results they need?Did you ask for the commitments you need? Did you ask for access to those stakeholders who are still holdouts? Did you ask for the information you need to know how to make a real difference?Did you exercise your resourcefulness to solve a challenge by generating new ideas?Did you work to improve yourself? Did you spend the time you needed developing yourself both personally and professionally? Did you sharpen your saw?Did you deepen the most important relationships in your life? Did you spend time connecting with the person in front of you while completely disconnected from distractions?Will you look back on this week happy at the progress you made? Will you be proud of how you invested your time and your energy?last_img read more

Sena in talks to form Goa Opposition

first_imgShiv Sena has signalled a new political front in Goa with the Goa Forward Party (GFP). It has also hinted at some MLAs of the ruling BJP joining it. The BJP had won 13 seats in the 2017 Assembly elections and the Congress 17. However, political equations in the State changed earlier this year after 10 Congress MLAs joined the BJP.Goa Forward Party and Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party have three MLAs each in the Goa Assembly and NCP has one. There are three independents. Shiv Sena does not a presence in the Assembly.“We want to build an Opposition alliance in Goa,” Sena MP Sanjay Raut said on Friday. “I met Vijai Sardesai [of the Goa Forward Party] today. We are forming an alliance with his three MLAs and some MLAs in the government are also supporting us. I have just spoken to [Sudin] Dhavlikar [Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party] and some people in the government. We want to create a non-BJP front in the country. Soon you will see a miracle in Goa,” he added.A senior Goa-based journalist said Shiv Sena allying with GFP was not of great significance right now, unless they manage to engineer defection from the ruling party. “At least 18 will have to break out to avoid disqualification, which seems unlikely now. Even if they do, they can simply go to the Congress and they will not need Sena-GFP combine. Besides, Congress does not trust GFP any more as Mr. Sardesai had not sided with it on two occasions in the past,” the source said.last_img read more

Acromag: multi-function I/O XMC mezzanine modules to conserve I/O slots

first_imgAcromag expands their general purpose I/O offering with an XMC version of their very popular PMC730 multi-function I/O module. The XMC730 performs analog input, analog output, digital I/O and counter/timer functions. Three models provide front 68-pin SCSI-2 I/O connection or rear P16 and P4 I/O connectors. These boards are designed for commercial off-the shelf (COTS) applications providing an abundance of I/O options to save I/O slots. A variety of carrier cards are available to host up to two XMC730 modules on VPX or PCI Express computer platforms.I/O options includes 16 differential or 32 single-ended analog inputs, eight analog output channels, 16 bidirectional input/output channels and 32-bit multi-function counter/timers. The DMA transfer support moves data between module memory this frees the CPU from the burden of moving data between Module memory and System memory over the PCIe bus.For connectivity with real time software application programs, Acromag offers C libraries for VxWorks, Linux, and Windows DLL Driver software. The libraries provide generic routines (source code included) to handle reads, writes, interrupts, and other functions. Demonstration programs enable the developer to quickly exercise the I/O modules before attaching the routines to the application program. This diagnostic tool can save hours of troubleshooting and debugging.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Boards & Modules Continue Reading Previous Renesas to acquire Integrated Device TechnologyNext AAEON: industrial power in the palm of your handlast_img read more

4 killed 5 hurt as speeding car falls off Yamuna Expressway

first_imgGreater Noida: In yet another major road accident on the 165-km long accident prone expressway, four among nine occupants of a speeding SUV car died while others were critically injured after the car lost control and fell off the Yamuna Expressway near Zero point in Greater Noida on Sunday morning.Cops said that all the victims worked at same IT company in Noida and had gone for a long drive on Sunday morning. As per police officials, the incident occurred around 9:30 am when nine employees of Terasys IT solutions private limited company of Noida had gone for long drive in a new Ford Endeavour car which was owned by company’s director. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder”They were returning from Aligarh towards Noida when the driver of speeding vehicle lost his control and the car fell from the e-way after colliding with the boundary” said police. Tanu Upadhyay, Circle Officer, Greater Noida said that the car fell from a height of 30 feet from the ground after breaking the boundary fencing of the expressway. “Police received a PCR call around 9:50 am from a passerby and a team rushed to the spot. The car was completely damaged as it had fallen from a height of 30 feet. All the occupants who were critically injured were immediately taken to nearby Yatharth and Kailash hospitals where four of them were declared dead by the doctors while five of them have been admitted for treatment,” said Upadhyay. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsAccording to police, among the deceased persons were Chandra Mohan Yadav (26), a native of Mayur Vihar-3, Naveen (32) of Meerut, Sheela from Noida and Shiv Vijay (33), a native of Sant Kabir Nagar. Among the injured were director of the company Ashish Sood (34), a native of Shimla, Abhishek Tyagi (25) of Ghaziabad, Saleem (20), Sushmita (22) and Nancy (25), natives of Delhi and Noida. A victim, Saleem, who was also in the car at the time of incident said that Abhishek Tyagi was driving the car at the time of incident. “The car was moving at a very high speed when it collided with the boundary. I was sitting on the rear seat and fell unconscious after the collision” said Saleem. Cops also suspect that the car was being driven at a speed of over 100 kmph. Meanwhile, police also recorded statement of the survivors who told them that a few of them had consumed alcohol during their ride. However police are waiting for medical reports to confirm.last_img read more

Canada to invest in satellite technology to connect rural remote areas

first_imgOTTAWA — The federal government is making a big funding announcement Wednesday alongside a Canadian company that’s developing satellite technology to expand high-speed Internet access in rural and remote regions.The head of Ottawa-based Telesat will join Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains for an event that appears to be part of the government’s commitment to invest $100 million over five years into a technology known as low-Earth-orbit satellites.In its spring budget, the Liberal government said low-Earth-orbit satellite capacity would be part of its $1.7-billion vow to help rural and remote areas gain access to reliable, high-speed Internet.Telesat has been developing a satellite constellation — a group of co-ordinated satellites it says will provide high-speed connectivity in rural and remote communities around the globe.Company CEO David Goldberg will hold a news conference with Bains at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum following the announcement.On its website, Telesat says its state-of-the-art satellite constellation will involve launching highly advanced satellites into low Earth orbit, which is about 1,000 km from the surface of the planet — much closer than traditional satellites.The satellites will “seamlessly integrate with terrestrial networks,” the company says.In March, the federal government earmarked between $5 billion and $6 billion in new investments over the next decade for a plan to make sure 95 per cent of Canadian homes and businesses will have access to high-speed Internet by 2016.It also set a target of 100-per-cent connectivity throughout the country by 2030.In addition to the development of low-orbit satellite technology, the government plan also includes investments aimed at encouraging more private-sector spending on rural high-speed Internet and better co-ordination among provinces and territories. The budget also announced the federal infrastructure bank would seek to invest $1 billion over the next decade as a way to attract $2 billion in additional private investments towards expanding connectivity.Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Presslast_img read more


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Autonomous vehicle centre opens in Stratford

first_imgTORONTO – An autonomous vehicle demonstration and testing zone has opened in Stratford, Ont.The Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network allows researchers to test self-driving technology in real-life traffic scenarios.The Ontario government says auto industry representatives and academics researching autonomous vehicles will work together at the centre to further develop the technology.The centre will also host a talent development program to give students an opportunity for internships and fellowships in the autonomous vehicle field.The Ontario government announced in the 2017 budget that it would spend $80 million over five years on autonomous vehicle development.The government says self-driving vehicles have the potential to improve road safety, reduce congestion and cut greenhouse gas emissions.last_img read more

The Latest Trump optimistic despite haze around China trade

first_imgBEIJING — The latest on China-U.S. trade developments (all times local):9:37 a.m.President Donald Trump is expressing optimism that China will to push forward with a cease fire on trade as tensions between Washington and Beijing escalates.Trump tweeted early Wednesday that Beijing is sending “very strong signals” about a new trade framework since returning from talks over the weekend in Buenos Aires.China’s Commerce Ministry did say on its website that it would begin “implementing specific issues on which consensus has been reached,” but the vague statement included no details.Global markets did not express the same optimism, selling off in both Europe and Asia. U.S. markets are closed Wednesday in honour of former President George H.W. Bush, who died Friday.However, the Dow Jones industrial average plunged 800 points Tuesday over confusion about what the U.S and China will do going forward, and investors are looking for hints as what to expect Thursday when markets open again.The Associated Presslast_img read more

IT dept raids at premises of people linked to JDS in Ktaka

first_imgBengaluru: Income tax officials on Tuesday carried out coordinated raids at premises owned by people allegedly linked to JD(S) in Mandya and Hassan districts,where party supremo H D Deve Gowda’s grandsons Nikhil Kumaraswamy and Prajwal Revanna are contesting their maiden Lok Sabha elections.Sources in the I-T department said the searches were conducted by four teams, each comprising 15 officials at the offices, residences and factory premises of people allegedly associated with the JD(S) leadership. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’The officials were accompanied by CRPF personnel. JD(S) and its ally Congress have been alleging that the BJP-led government at the Centre has been “misusing” central agencies to pursue its “politics of vendetta.” On March 28, leaders of both the parties led by chief minister H D Kumaraswamy, former chief minister Siddaramaiah, deputy chief minister G Parameshwara had staged a demonstration outside the income tax office when the raids began. The Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (Karnataka-Goa region) B R Balakrishnan had even written to the Chief Electoral Officer of Karnataka seeking action against those who staged demonstrations, threatened the officials and interrupted them from discharging their duties under various sections of the IPC. Meanwhile, an income tax department release a press not confirming the raids.last_img read more

Member States have treaty obligations to help Horn of Africa – UN

Jean Ziegler, the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, said in a statement released in Geneva that under the terms of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, States Parties are obligated to respond quickly to emergency food situations in the territory of a Member State.Mr. Ziegler also called on the Governments of the troubled countries – Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Tanzania – to work with UN agencies to develop policies and programmes that will deal with the drought issue over a long-term basis.Mr. Ziegler, of Switzerland, was appointed as an independent, unpaid expert by the UN Commission on Human Rights in September 2000. As Special Rapporteur, his job is to ensure that governments are meeting their obligations to respect, protect and fulfil the right to food of all people.Coupled with the impact of past and ongoing manmade conflicts, the Horn of Africa’s severe drought has led to acute shortages of water and food, the decimation of grazing lands and cereal production, and the death of large numbers of cattle. All of this has adversely affected the livelihoods of the region’s pastoralists and agro-pastoralists.Pre-famine conditions are increasingly being reported throughout the region and earlier this month, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) appealed for $16 million to expand its relief efforts in the region and said 1.5 million children under the age of five were being affected.According to information received last month, up to 150,000 people in Djibouti, mainly pastoralists, are threatened as the drought degrades pastures and dries up water points. In Ethiopia, about 1.75 million people, in addition to the 5.5 million people already receiving food assistance, have been impacted by failed rains and need humanitarian assistance. In Kenya, 3.5 million people are running out of food as the rains fail, tripling the number of people in need of emergency assistance. At the same time in Somalia, about 2 million people are facing an acute food and livelihood crisis while 3.7 million people in Tanzania are at risk of a food shortage because the short rains have failed.Meanwhile, the Secretary-General’s Special Humanitarian Envoy, Kjell Magne Bondevik, is scheduled to arrive in the Horn of Africa tomorrow for a three-day visit with national and UN officials in the five countries in crisis: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti and Kenya.The former prime minister of Norway, Mr. Bondevik will also visit drought-affected regions, all in an effort to help strengthen local and global efforts to tackle the devastating humanitarian crisis. read more

UN rights chief urges Mexico to end misery of enforced disappearances and

“Despite [legislative developments and constitutional reforms]… my visit has been very sobering with regard to the daily realities for many millions of people here in Mexico itself, said the High Commissioner at a press conference. “Many of the people I have spoken to have painted a very bleak – and consistent – picture of a society that is wracked by high levels of insecurity, disappearances and killings,” he explained, as well as noting the ongoing harassment of human rights defenders and journalists, violence against women, and terrible abuses of migrants and refugees transiting the country on their way to the United States. During his visit, Mr. Zeid met with President Peña Nieto and senior Government officials, and he noted that over the past four years, there have been highly significant legislative developments, including the constitutional reforms of 2011 and this year’s amendments which paved the way for new general laws addressing two of Mexico’s most pressing human rights issues, namely enforced disappearances and torture. Yet, according to official statistics, 98 per cent of all crimes in Mexico remain unsolved, with the majority never even being properly investigated. Among these crimes, the High Commissioner spotlighted Mexico’s high levels of homicide and enforced disappearances. “For a country that is not engaged in a conflict, the estimated figures are simply staggering: 151,233 people killed between December 2006 and August 2015, including thousands of transiting migrants,” he said. “At least 26,000 people missing, many believed to be as a result of enforced disappearances, since 2007,” he said, adding later that “the amount of misery attached to that statistic is impossible to comprehend.” Indeed, he said, the failure of the police, of the justice system to clarify the whereabouts of the victims and what happened to them, and above all, of successive governments and the political system as a whole to stop these crimes is not just regrettable, “it is deeply tragic.” The High Commissioner noted that, while some of the violence “can be laid at the door of the country’s powerful and ruthless organized crime groups,” many enforced disappearances, acts of torture and extra-judicial killings are alleged to have been carried out by Federal, State and municipal authorities, including the police and some segments of the army, either acting in their own interests or in collusion with organized criminal groups. He went on to highlight recent, specific incidents, including the enforced disappearance of 43 students from a training college in Iguala in Guerrero state and the killing of six others. “Reports strongly suggest that local police engaged in repeated ferocious attacks and ambushes against the unarmed students,” he said, noting that the report by the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (IGIE), appointed by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and invited by the Mexican Government, “revealed that the Federal security forces were fully aware of what was happening.” He added: “If the true fate of the students is finally revealed as a result of a thorough and determined investigation and the full range of perpetrators are identified, prosecuted and convicted, with reparations granted to the victims, this terrible case could have a salutary effect on many similar situations across the country.” The case, he said, highlighted the impunity and disregard for victims that affect the entire country. He said that the Mexican Government should urgently strengthen the Attorney-General’s Offices across the country to ensure that human rights violations are properly investigated. It should also adopt a time frame for the withdrawal of the military from public security functions, and implement recommendations from the IGIE and consider similar follow-up mechanisms for other serious cases. “The Government that taps fully into its citizens’ desire and ability to create a State that works, is the Government that will be remembered and praised by future generations. Such a Government would be able attract a massive influx of foreign direct investment, which would in turn stimulate greater and much wider prosperity for its population,” Mr. Zeid emphasized. read more

July dates for British International Motor Show 2006

‘This is the second big change for the show’, commented SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan. ‘In February we announced the new London venue and now we can confirm new dates for Britain’s biggest consumer exhibition. The move to July should bring warmer weather with more options for activity outside the halls. Late July also ensures the show coincides with school holidays, bringing more families to the event.’ Put the dates in your diary! The British International Motor Show will open its doors to the public from 20 to 30 July 2006 inclusive. The British International Motor Show will take place at ExCeL in London’s Docklands. More details will be revealed at a press launch this summer. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Access for the public will follow a press day on 18 July and exclusive entry for the motor trade on business day, which takes place on 19 July. read more

Ivanhoe begins shaft sinking at Flatreef

first_imgPermanent sinking work has begun on Shaft 1 at Ivanhoe Mines’ Platreef PGM, nickel, copper and gold mine in South Africa. Shaft 1, which will have an internal diameter of 7.25 m, will provide initial access for early underground development at the Flatreef deposit and will be used to fast-track production during the first phase of the project.Following the successful commissioning and licensing of the required equipment, the permanent sinking phase started at a planned, initial rate of 1.8 m/d. This is planned to double the current depth of Shaft 1 from 54 m to 107 m below surface – the point at which the main sinking phase will begin. Ivanhoe expects that the subsequent main sinking phase will advance at an average rate of 2.7 m/d until it reaches the planned, final depth at 1,025 m below surface in 2018.Robert Friedland, Executive Chairman of Ivanhoe Mines: “This is an important milestone in the building of a major, new underground mine at Platreef and we are extremely proud of our employees and contractors for the safe and efficient job they have done in transitioning Shaft 1 from the pre-sinking phase to the permanent-sinking phase.The Shaft 1 sinking contract, held by Aveng Mining, of South Africa, will include the development of two main stations at below-surface depths of 450 m and 750 m. Shaft 1 is expected to reach the Flatreef deposit, at a depth of 777 m, during the third quarter of 2017.The selected mining areas proposed in Platreef’s current prefeasibility study mine plan occur at depths ranging from approximately 700 to 1,200 m below the surface.Platreef is a Tier One discovery by Ivanhoe Mines’ geologists on the Northern Limb of South Africa’s Bushveld Igneous Complex, the world’s premier platinum producing region.Ivanhoe Mines owns 64% of the Platreef project through its subsidiary, Ivanplats, and is directing all mine development work. The South African beneficiaries of the approved broad-based, black economic empowerment structure have a 26% stake in the project and the remaining 10% is owned by a Japanese consortium of ITOCHU Corp; ITC Platinum Development Ltd, an ITOCHU affiliate; Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corp; and JGC Corp.Shaft 1, including initial lateral underground development work, will be funded from dedicated funds remaining in Ivanhoe’s treasury from the $280-million received in 2011 for the sale of an 8% interest in the Platreef project to the ITOCHU-led Japanese consortium.Early works for the 10-m diameter Shaft 2, the main production shaft with the capacity to hoist 6 Mt/y, are planned to begin next year. The headgear design has been completed by South Africa-based Murray & Roberts Cementation.Work now is complete on the internal electricity substation, which will have a capacity of 5 million VA. Construction is underway of the power transmission lines from the main lines of Eskom, the South African public electricity utility, which will be used for shaft sinking. Back-up generators also have been installed to ensure continuous sinking operations in the event of power interruptions. The new power transmission lines also will provide electric power to an adjacent community near the Platreef project, which currently has no supply of electricity.Other on-site work includes the construction of the permanent road intersection leading to Platreef from the N11 national highway, which will assist with management of safe access to the mine.Ivanplats plans to develop the Platreef Mine in three phases: an initial annual rate of 4 Mt/y to establish an operating platform to support future expansions; followed by a doubling of production to 8 Mt/y; and then a third expansion phase to a steady-state 12 Mt/y. At a projected production rate of 12 Mt/y, Platreef would be among the largest PGM mines in the world.Good progress is being made in advancing the feasibility study for Platreef’s first-phase production scenario toward completion. The study, which began in August 2015, is being managed by principal consultant DRA Global, with specialized sub-consultants including Stantec Consulting, Murray & Roberts Cementation, SRK, Golder Associates and Digby Wells Environmental.Ivanplats completed a PFS in January 2015 that covered the first phase of development that includes construction of a state-of-the-art underground mine, concentrator and other associated infrastructure to support initial concentrate production.The development scenarios describe a staged approach structured to provide opportunities to expand the operation based on demand, smelting and refining capacity and capital availability. As the first phase of development is placed into production, there is expected to be an opportunity to modify and optimize the subsequent phases, allowing for changes to the timing of capacity expansions to suit market conditions.The planned mining methods will use highly productive mechanization, including long-hole stoping and drift-and-fill mining. The mined-out areas within the deposit will be backfilled with a paste mixture that uses tailings from the process plant and cement. The ore will be hauled from the stopes to a series of ore passes that will connect to a main haulage level connected to Shaft 2, where it will be hoisted to the surface for processing.last_img read more

Maniates celebrate in style

first_imgThe Pan Maniot Union of Australia (PMUA) put on their annual dinner dance on October 25 at Yiannis Tavern in Kew. The event, sponsored by Delphi Bank, had a great turnout, with many attending on the night. Extending into the late hours of the night, guests filled up on great Greek food and drink, creating a festive atmosphere. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

Varicelle son activité demeure importante en France

first_imgVaricelle : son activité demeure importante en FranceFrance – La varicelle connaît toujours une activité importante en France, selon le bulletin de surveillance du réseau Sentinelles. Son incidence était ainsi de 44 cas pour 100.000 habitants entre le 19 et le 25 avril.27.364 cas ont été recensés en France du 19 au 25 avril. Même si cela reste en dessous du seuil épidémique de 171 cas pour 100.000 habitants, il s’agit d’un chiffre élevé. Seize foyers de forte activité sont à signaler : la Franche-Comté, avec 176 cas pour 100.000 habitants, suivie du Languedoc-Roussillon (131), de la Basse-Normandie (64), du Centre (63), de la Bretagne (53), de l’Île-de-France (42) et du Poitou-Charentes (40).D’autres régions sont frappées, toutefois plus modérément : la Champagne-Ardenne, la Corse (36), le Rhône-Alpes, la Picardie, l’Aquitaine, les Pays de la Loire, la Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, l’Alsace et la Bourgogne.La varicelle est la cause d’environ 1.000 hospitalisations chaque année, ainsi que de vingt décès. Le 29 avril 2010 à 18:36 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Interpol une campagne contre les faux médicaments vendus sur Internet

first_imgInterpol : une campagne contre les faux médicaments vendus sur InternetMonde – International Police, plus connue sous le nom d’Interpol, a décidé de mettre au point et de diffuser partout dans le monde une campagne mettant en garde les internautes sur les médicaments vendus sur la Toile.La campagne a été baptisée “Don’t be your own killer”, c’est-à-dire “Ne soyez pas votre propre meurtrier”. Elle a pour but de mettre en garde la communauté des internautes contre les faux médicaments mis en vente sur la Toile, dont les effets peuvent être terribles. Pour les besoins des spots mis en place par l’organisation internationale, plusieurs acteurs ont joué le rôle de victimes des médicaments contrefaits. On peut ainsi découvrir “Chad”, qui explique : “Salut, je m’appelle Chad. J’ai acheté mes gélules contre l’hypertension sur internet. Je n’ai pas d’assurance maladie”. Pour cet exemple, le témoignage de Chad est suivi du message suivant :  “Chad a eu une crise cardiaque, il est mort à l’hôpital. Ne vous tuez pas vous-mêmes, approvisionnez-vous dans une vraie pharmacie”.Pour autant, ces cas ne sont pas fictifs explique à l’AFP Aline Plançon, membre du service “Contrefaçon des produits médicaux” à Interpol. Elle explique : “Le message, c’est de dire ‘Patients, réveillez-vous. Le danger est là'”. Et d’ajouter que les faux traitements vendus sur Internet ne sont pas seulement des traitements de “confort” comme le Viagra, mais également des médicaments vitaux comme les traitements contre le cancer.Le 18 octobre 2010 à 12:17 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Bing simpose en France grâce à la BNF

first_imgBing s’impose en France grâce à la BNFDepuis le mois d’octobre, Bing a vu ses parts de marché augmenter de 36% en France. Un succès que le moteur de recherche de Microsoft doit en grande partie à son partenariat avec la Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF). Si Microsoft mise sur l’intégration de Facebook à ses résultats de recherches pour concurrencer Google et Yahoo!, Bing a aussi su tirer parti de son partenariat avec la BNF. Le cabinet ComScore révèle en effet que le moteur a connu en France une croissance de 36% depuis le mois d’octobre dernier. Or c’est à ce moment que Microsoft a conclu un accord avec la Bibliothèque nationale de France. Un partenariat qui fait de Bing l’indexateur des ouvrages de la bibliothèque numérique Gallica qui attire chaque jour 23.000 visiteurs uniques.À lire aussiWindows 8 : Microsoft annonce 40 millions de licences venduesEn mars 2011, Bing a atteint 3,8% de parts de marché en France. Le moteur est encore bien loin derrière Google qui en détient 91,6%. Mais Grégory Salinger, directeur de la division Internet et grand public chez Microsoft France, se félicite de cette progression : “La signature du partenariat avec la Bibliothèque Nationale de France a marqué une étape fondatrice de cette nouvelle vision du marché de la recherche. Nous nous réjouissons de constater que Bing connaît depuis lors un succès croissant auprès des internautes français, avec des parts de marché en progression de 36% en à peine 6 mois”.D’ici à la fin de l’année, Microsoft entend atteindre en France 6% des parts de marché. Aux Etats-Unis où il en détient 14,1%, le géant informatique espère passer à 16% avant le 31 décembre 2011.Le 18 mai 2011 à 17:34 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Smackdown Highlights Owens attacks Kingston Shane McMahon in action Fatal 4Way match

first_img Twitter Julian Edelman Launches Youtube Channel NFL Week 2 Preview With Mike Lombardi, Will Antonio Brown Play? Odell Beckham Can’t Wear His 250 Grand Watch On The Field Anymore WhatsApp Now Playing Up Next Mike Tedesco RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Videos Articles WWE posted these highlights following Smackdown Live in London, England. Google+ Antonio Brown Possibly Said Something Offensive Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Facebook Live Podcast: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte Wrestleview Live #65: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/15/19 (Rollins vs. Strowman, Kingston vs. Orton) Ben Roethlisberger Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipNFL Week 2 Preview With Mike Lombardi, Will Antonio Brown Play?Video Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 3:34/Current Time 0:03Loaded: 36.76%0:03Remaining Time -3:31 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Pinterest Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next WWE’s Sasha Banks Confirms “No One KNew” About Roman Reigns’ Leukemialast_img read more