Governor Wolf Statement on State Budget Progress

first_imgGovernor Wolf Statement on State Budget Progress SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Budget News,  Press Release,  Statement Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today released the following statement regarding progress in ongoing budget negotiations between his administration, and both the House and the Senate:“Over the weekend, I spoke with House and Senate leaders to try to finalize a budget that protects investments in critical programs important to the people of Pennsylvania. We made progress, and with more work, I believe we can reach a compromise in the coming days.“It will take all sides, including both chambers and my administration, working together and considering all ideas to get this done.  And if a compromise is reached, there is a commitment from all involved to put up a vote before October 1st.“It is urgent that we finish our bipartisan work on a consensus, responsible budget immediately or we will face a credit downgrade and further disruption in important programs and payments.“I continue to be eager to resolve this process in a responsible way and hope we can bridge whatever differences that remain in the coming days.”center_img September 18, 2017last_img read more

Tiger Woods’ score: Round 3 results, highlights from 2019 U.S. Open

first_imgThere was no Tiger charge into contention in Round 3 of the U.S. Open on Saturday, but the three-time U.S. Open champion avoided disaster as he finished the day where he started it with an atypical even-par 71.Woods’ round featured five bogeys and five birdies, including four putts that lipped out. He was tied for 29th when he turned in his scorecard. Hole 3: Par 4, 399 yardsShot 1: Tiger hits another nice drive, and it carries just short of the bunker. Nice spot here.Shot 2: Bad approach lands Tiger in the bunker to the right of the green. He’ll need to scramble here.Shot 3: Tiger takes the safe route and gets on the green instead of going over the steep edge of the bunker. He’ll need a lag putt for par.Shot 4: Misses it to the right. Has to make a bogey from a foot out.Shot 5: Bogey, his second of the round and fourth in the last five holes.Hole 2: Par 4, 522 yardsShot 1: Considerably better drive here, a nice stinger down the fairway with the 3-wood. Got to make up some ground here.Shot 2: Tiger gets an iron shot to land within 10 feet of his birdie attempt.Shot 3: Not enough break. Missed on the right. Par upcoming.Shot 4: Par. Hole 1: Par 4, 375 yards Shot 1: Tiger’s drive with the iron pulls left into the rough, the first time he has missed the fairway all weekend.Shot 2: The rough is too deep and thick for Tiger to get to the green. He’ll need an up-and-down to save par.Shot 3: Tiger chips onto the green but leaves a little more distance, 15 feet, than he’d like for par. His short game wasn’t hot Friday.Shot 4: Misses to the right. He’ll bogey, his third consecutive of the tournament. He’s over for the first time this tournament.Shot 5: Bogey. MORE: Watch the U.S. Open live with fuboTV (7-day free trial)His day got off to a rough start, with bogeys on two of the first three holes, but he closed moving day on a high note with birdies on two of the last three holes. Sporting News tracked live hole-by-hole updates from Woods’ third round at the 2019 U.S. Open. Check them out below.LIVE: Full leaderboard for the 2019 U.S. OpenTiger Woods’ score: Live updates, highlights from Round 3Hole (Par)Round 3 score (Overall)   Place1 (4)1 over (+1)T-482 (4)1 over (+1)T-483 (4)2 over (+2)T-534 (4)1 over (+1)T-485 (3)Even (par)T-376 (5)Even (par)T-377 (3)1 over (+1)T-448 (4)1 over (+1)T-449 (4)1 over (+1)T-4210 (4)1 over (+1)T-4211 (4)1 over (+1)T-4212 (3)2 over (+2)T-5213 (4)2 over (+2)T-5014 (5)1 over (+1)T-4415 (4)2 over (+2)T-5016 (4)1 over (+1)T-3617 (3)1 over (+1)T-3618 (5)Even (E)T-29Hole 18, Par 5, 544 yardsShot 1: It’s a beauty down the left. With a good approach shot, this could be a great hole.Shot 2: Smoked it onto the green. Has a chance for eagle to close Round 3.Shot 3: No eagle, but a two-foot putt for birdie.Shot 4: Birdie. Tiger ends the day where he started.Hole 17, Par 3, 203 yardsShot 1: Great tee shot lands about 10 feet from the cup. A solid chance here for back-to-back birdies.Shot 2: Lips the put. Going to be a tap-in for par.Shot 3: Par.Hole 16, Par 4, 395 yardsShot 1: Decent shot finds the first cut on the left side of the fairway.Shot 2: Approach lands on the right side of the green before rolling toward the hole. It will be a very long attempt at birdie.Shot 3: Sinks it. Huge putt for birdie to pick up a stroke with two holes left.Tiger fighting until the end today.Big-time 🐦 on 16. #USOpen— U.S. Open (USGA) (@usopengolf) June 15, 2019Hole 15: Par 4, 407 yardsShot 1: Tiger finds the fairway with the iron.Shot 2: Approach is short and to the right. In danger of giving the birdie back.Shot 3: Lays up but has 15 feet left downhill to make par.Shot 4: Lipped out. Gave the birdie right back.Shot 5: Bogey.Hole 14: Par 5, 586 yardsShot 1: Finds the fairway.Shot 2: Nice layup from Tiger. Shot 3: Tiger very nearly got an eagle there. Hit the green with the wedge, and it rolled back an inch off the mark. He’ll have a very makeable birdie attempt.Shot 4: Tiger birdies and the crowd loved it. Gotta take victories where you find them.Hole 13: Par 4, 444 yardsShot 1: Fairway. In good position here.Shot 2: Tiger’s just not feeling it today. Hits the rough short of the green off the iron.Shots 3, 4: Hand it to Tiger. He’s not giving up. Up-and-down par.Hole 12: Par 3, 209 yardsShot 1: Lands in the rough by the bunker. Terrible lie.Shot 2: Decent aattempt to get onto the green. Looking at another midrange birdie attempt.Shot 3: Just missed it on the right. Burned the hole. Another bogey.Shot 4: Bogey.Hole 11: Par 4, 397 yardsShot 1: Fairway wood off 11. Shot 2: Tiger’s in the rough just short of the green. Tough spot.Shot 3: On the green again, but another midranger upcoming to save par.Shot 4: And par it is. Pretty good, all things considered. Hole 10: Par 4, 498 yardsShot 1: Nice long drive, but doesn’t have enough cut. It’s in the bunker, but it does look like a nice lie.Shot 2: Breaks out the iron and gets to the fringe.Shots 3, 4: Two-putt par. Hole 9: Par 4, 527 yardsShot 1: He loved that one. Boomed it downwind and he’ll have a good look from here.Shot 2: Good approach. Looking at 20-ish feet for birdie.Shot 3: Pulled it from the start. Left and went forward a few feet.Shot 4: Par.Hole 8: Par 4, 414 yardsShot 1: Fairway. Again, not the problem here for Tiger.Shot 2: He breaks out the 7-iron and finds the green. Long putt for par though.Shot 3: Another great effort, another near miss. It’s those approach shots that keep him from more manageable birdie attempts.Shot 4: Par.Hole 7: Par 3, 96 yardsShot 1: Tiger hits the opposite end of the fairway but doesn’t get the rollback he wanted. Might have been chewing on that missed birdie on Hole 6.Shot 2: Another close miss, just left of the hole. Makeable par upcoming.Shot 3: Terrible. He lipped it out. Three-putt bogey coming. Shot 4: Bogey. Hole 6: Par 5, 527 yardsShot 1: Nice boomer down the center of the fairway.Shot 2: Tiger didn’t hit the green — might not have got all of it — but is still in decent position for an up-and-down birdie.Shot 3: Tiger closes some distance between him and the hole. Looks like 6, 7 feet for birdie.Shot 4: Lipped out. Not a bad look, but par it will be.Shot 5: Par. Hole 5: Par 3, 183 yardsShot 1: Tiger lands on the green where it rolls a few yards away from the hole, looks to be dead-center of the green. Two-putt par definitely easily attainable from here.Shot 2: And just like that Tiger’s back to even for the tournament with a 25-foot birdie. Incredible.Hole 4: Par 4, 317 yardsShot 1: Tiger liked that one, didn’t even bother watching it in the air. A nice stinger down the fairway. His drives haven’t been the problem here, though.Shot 2: Wonderful approach. Lands on the green and spins back to within a few feet to set up a birdie attempt. Too early to call this a can’t-miss shot?Shot 3: Finally, a birdie. He’s back to just 1 over.last_img read more